Identify the most profitable car buyers to target

China’s auto market consists of hundreds of millions of car drivers and potential new drivers, each with their own individual needs and expectations of the driving experience.

To better understand these potential customers, TNS Sinotrust dives deep into Chinese drivers’ lives, needs and values. We listen to them throughout their daily routines: at home, on public transport and inside the cars they drive. We do so using advanced qualitative techniques, and then apply our unique range of needs-based segmentation tools to quantify opportunities and identify the most profitable groups of drivers for you to target.

Develop and nurture winning cars and services

Our world-leading Matrix solution provides a proven tool for matching consumer needs to business goals, sizing opportunities and identifying profitable platforms for innovation. Through Super Group, we bring together creative-minded consumers and category experts to turn these innovation platforms into inspiring ideas and early-stage concepts.

TNS Sinotrust will then ensure that your breakthrough ideas fulfill their potential for your business. Our experts will help you to pinpoint the product specification, vehicle shape and price point to take full advantage of your growth opportunity. And with innovations like our fast-turnaround, fully immersive Virtual Car Clinic, you can test more ideas, earlier in the process, before committing to one direction. Our Virtual Car Clinic also provides a cost-effective means of testing and refining ideas “on the fly” in response to early insight.

Once your prototype is ready, we’ll leverage our decades of experience in car clinics to put it in front of precisely the right target consumers, generating an in-depth understanding of strengths and weaknesses, and identifying the features that need changing prior to launch.

Connect to customer value through the right price

A car represents one of the most expensive purchases in any customer’s life – and in the fiercely competitive Chinese market, setting the right price for such a high-value item is essential.

It’s not always about offering the cheapest price, however. Auto buyers will assess the value of the car in terms of both its functional and emotional benefits – and the winning price is the price that most effectively matches that customer perception of value.

TNS Sinotrust leverages more than 40 years of pricing research experience to provide you with a uniquely powerful suite of tools to perfect your pricing strategy. We’ll identify the value that your brand, model, vehicle components and features represent in the minds of your customers.

We’ll help you optimise your vehicle configuration, and we’ll help you set a winning price.

Enhance product appeal for launch

Any new model has just one opportunity to deliver a winning first impression.

The launch of a new vehicle is a critical moment that will have a huge say in the success or failure of any manufacturer in the Chinese market. Our marketability clinics will establish the unique selling points, communication platforms and pricing strategy for launching your vehicle – and we will use a range of state-of-the-art research models to execute every aspect of your launch.

The Automotive Path to Purchase Study (TAPPS), exclusive to TNS, measures the actual sequence of events in the car-buying process, and establishes the online and offline Enhance product appeal for launch channels that most influence your potential buyers’ choices.

We use NeedScope to provide a psychological framework for understanding the complex needs and emotions that shape those choices, perfecting your model and brand positioning in consumers’ minds. Ad Eval and Ad Effect, our world-leading advertising pre-testing and media optimization tools, ensure that your communications engage your chosen audience effectively – and drive behavioural change.

Through PromoCAR, you’ll get real-time monitoring of the Chinese auto market’s transaction prices, helping to set a launch price that will maximise share without damaging your margins. PromoCAR has been honed over 20 years of operation in European markets and provides a vital competitive asset as the Chinese market matures.