Loyal customers for profitable growth

Acquiring new customers is a costly exercise that can reduce dealer margins and weaken the strength of your branded dealer network. To turn a new customer into a profitable one, you need a suite of tools for building and retaining loyalty.

TNS Sinotrust has been supporting manufacturers’ sales and aftersales teams in China for more than 20 years and has unrivalled expertise in the field of auto channel management. We’ll give you full control over the experience that your dealerships provide – and we’ll guide the improvements that will help you to deliver sustained success.

Turn dealerships into a differentiating asset

TNS Sinotrust was the first research agency to set up a Mystery Shopping service to assess the sales and aftersales experiences that dealerships provide.

Dealerships are the fulcrum in any auto brand’s relationship to its car drivers; it’s where that relationship can be strengthened and translated into profit – or where it can be critically weakened. Knowledge of the experience that your dealerships deliver is therefore vital for driving sustainable, profitable growth. Today, we conduct more mystery visits to dealerships than any other research agency, and we are recognised as the leading Mystery Shopper agency in the market. And as China’s auto market has evolved, we have developed additional, innovative audit capabilities to assess the key levers determining dealer performance.

For instance, our Mystery Client approach detects any use of non-genuine parts that can seriously damage the end-customer experience, and ensures sustainability and long-term profitability in parts sourcing. Mystery Second Hand Car Shopper provides visibility of the entire process of second-hand car sales, an increasingly important opportunity for manufacturers as new car sales start to slow and offer reduced profitability.

The certification of dealers and staff offers strategy for manufacturers seeking to ensure a constant quality of service whenever drivers deal with their brand. TNS Sinotrust’s decades of activity in dealer development and assessment deliver unparalleled expertise when it comes to the certification process. We’ll work with you to develop a post grading and rating system for dealer employees, and we’ll conduct regular certification campaigns at dealer level to ensure consistency with standard operating procedures.

Driving performance improvements

TNS Sinotrust’s audit procedures provide a detailed starting point for programmes of improvement that can build competitive advantage.

Our Voice of the Customer and Action Plan workshops involve our experts spending time with dealer staff to debrief their performance, listen to real customer feedback, and work with sales managers on a strategy for improving it. Our technical Mystery Visits bring this improvement process to the maintenance and repair of vehicles.

We train our mystery clients in the proprietary TNS Sinotrust technical centre, equipping them to assess the quality of work undertaken by dealers’ technicians. In doing so, we identify areas of excellence as well as areas of necessary improvement – and we provide a critical tool for managing and rewarding employees’ performance.

Real-time, actionable customer feedback

TNS Sinotrust has pioneered innovative approaches to customer experience research that deliver precise customer feedback in a form and timeframe that enable it to make a difference.

This involves the latest in CATI phone interviewing techniques, including advanced quality control through Voice Print Recognition, and leading edge platforms that ensure feedback on customer experience is actionable, and acted upon.

We offer complete web-based customer satisfaction platform in existence, powered by leading technologies such as CEMTric, Medallia and Enprecis. Capable of integrating high volumes of data from different sources seamlessly, our live monitoring enables us to detect changes in customer service as they occur and generate alerts and reports to all stakeholders concerned, empowering them to take action.