The world’s most dynamic auto market demands research solutions that are fine-tuned to its unique, rapidly changing environment. This is where TNS Sinotrust leads the industry, with pioneering solutions that support the automotive industry in driving growth:

  • Product development insights to identify breakthrough ideas and secure competitive advantage
  • Go-to-market strategies powered by in-depth understanding of your target audiences, price premium and brand positioning
  • Network development and management solutions that convert interest to sales and build profitable, long-term loyalty
  • Long-term strategic planning to ensure sustained success in an evolving market

We support auto manufacturers at every step of the journey from concept creation to the launch of a new car.

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We help automotive manufacturers establish their network and ensure that network is building long-term brand loyalty.

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Our unique portfolio of tools helps uncover insights to inform business decisions. Supported by our experts’ knowledge of the automotive sector, we tailor solutions to help you drive growth for your business.

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